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Buy Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores online

Buy Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores.  The Blue Meanie spores syringe microscopy kit comes with 10ml of authentic Blue Meanie spores in a syringe, individually packaged, and a sterile needle. Idaho, Georgia, and California will see a decrease in sales. Buy Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores.

The spores of Blue Meanie mushrooms are ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. The images displayed are for educational purposes only and come from other cultivators and labs outside of the United States. Many countries, including the United States, make cultivation illegal. The goal of this website is not to cultivate psilocybin cubensis mushrooms. Buy Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores. 

Dry Blue Meanie mushrooms for sale.

You asked for it, and we delivered. Because of its general hardiness and extremely potent educational opportunities, Blue Meanie is one of the most sought after strains by the amateur microscopy community. If you’re reading this page while we have a spore strain in stock, we urge you to place your order as soon as possible—these are quite possible.

Meanwhile, let’s learn a little bit more about this strain. What exactly makes it such a jerk?

What is the significance of the name “Blue Meanie Strain” for this mushroom strain?
The Blue Meanie spore strain gets its name from the wild properties of this fungus. The mature fruiting body of a psilocybin mushroom contains a significant amount of the psychedelic compound in its flesh. When bruised, the Blue Meanie strain, like most psilocybin mushrooms, will show a colorful bruising—in this case, blue.

Blue Meanie shop online

Some cubensis mushrooms bruise in a green or purple color. However, blue indicates a high psilocybin content; as you might expect, Blue Meanies spores are potent in this regard. The discoloration seen during bruising is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when psilocybin comes into contact with air. More information on psilocybin mushroom coloration and bruising can be found in our article How to Identify Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Where to buy Blue Meanie online.

How a Warm, Tropical Climate Produces the Blue Meanie Strain’s Strong, Contaminant-Resistant Fungi Genetics
The Blue Meanie spore strain is native to Australia’s southeast. If you’ve ever been there, you know it’s a very warm, tropical region with a lot of competition from other fungi and plant life. This is why the Blue Meanie strain is so tough—it has to be in order to survive in the wild in its natural environment.

Because of its tough rhizomorphic mycelium, this strain will colonize quickly in the wild. This eventually leads to a plethora of mature fruiting bodies and repeated flushes. The mature mushroom is medium in size but, as previously stated, quite potent due to its high psilocybin content.


Blue Meanie spores exhibit the precursors to these characteristics under the microscope. Amateur microscopists who want to study spores of a fungus that has evolved to survive in a harsh competitive environment will appreciate the opportunity provided by the Blue Meanie spore strain.

How to Find Out More About Blue Meanie Psilocybin Mushroom Spores
If you’d like to learn more about psilocybin mushroom spores like Golden Teacher spores or the potent Blue Meanie strain, we invite you to look through some of the other content we’ve put together for you. Learning more about amateur microscopy is a good place to start. Then, in the article Why Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal?, we discuss some of our legal considerations. Finally, take a look at The Psilocybe Philosophy, our frequently updated blog.

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Please place your order with confidence. Our Blue Meanies mushroom spores come from a well-known supplier to the amateur microscopy community, who specializes in exotic mushroom spores. All spore syringes are packed with spores—never underfilled, as you may have encountered with other vendors—and are guaranteed to be authentic and contaminant free.

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are one of the most well-known and legendary strains of all time. Blue Meanie’s raw potency and wonderful effects give them an almost mystical power buy blue meanie mushroom. CheBlue Meanie magic mushrooms for sale

However, that means that Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are not to be taken lightly. As long as you respect them, they will give you an experience like no other magic mushroom.

Continue reading below to find out everything you need to know about Blue Meanie magic mushrooms.

Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms are a potent strain of psilocybe cubensis. The name Blue Meanie is also used to describe a strain called Psilocybe Cyanescens (P. Cyans) which is known to be 2 times more potent than any other P. Cubensis strain. Our Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms are of the P. Cubensis type and is not to be mistaken buy blue meanie mushroom.

Mail delivery magic mushrooms shop online.

The Blue Meanie P. Cubensis was named by an unknown spore vendor back in the day who decided this strong strain would share the same name as the original Blue Meanie P. Cyans. This shroom is known to be a prolific fruiter, often growing many flushes and easily bruising (blueing) at the point of physical contact. Expect above average intensity compared to other cubensis shrooms strains buy blue meanie mushroom.

Like a lot of other magic mushrooms, the history of Blue Meanie shrooms is obscure. Part of the reason why their history isn’t clear is because of some naming confusion.

That’s because there are two different magic mushrooms called Blue Meanie. The original Blue Meanie was a species of magic mushrooms called Panaeolus cyanescens.

These pan cyans are much different than the more common Psilocybe cubensis strains you likely know and love. Pan cyans are small, thin, turn blue easily, and are usually white buy blue meanie mushroom.

Order  Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores California

Then, at some point, someone in South Eastern Australia found some P. cubensis mushrooms in the wild and collected them. After culturing them for a while, he dubbed them Blue Meanie and started sending out spores all over the world.

So to clear up any confusion, the Blue Meanie you see here are the P. cubensis version.

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are a sight to behold. They grow with a thin stem and a wide golden-yellow cap in beautiful clusters.

When dried, Blue Meanies start to look like their namesake. That’s because when you open the bag, you may find a blue tint on the Blue Meanies.

That blue tint is called bruising, and it actually happens to every magic mushroom strain. Bruising can occur during harvest, when moving the mushrooms, or even in storage.

However, it seems like Blue Meanie magic mushrooms bruise more easily than other mushrooms. That might be because of its potency—since the blue color comes from the air interacting with the psychedelic compound psilocybin.

Luckily, bruising doesn’t affect the potency or the safety of your Blue Meanie magic mushrooms—so no worries!

Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom Effects | Best Supplier Of Blue Meanie Mushrooms Online USA UK CA AU EU. 


Blue Meanie magic mushrooms will give you feelings of pure euphoria and oneness with the world. Not only that, but on higher doses, you’ll experience incredible visual and auditory hallucinations that will blow your mind—in a good way, of course.

If you’re out on a camping trip or hanging out at home, Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are a great choice. However, you’ll want to be very careful about dosing because these shrooms are extremely potent.

So long as you dose correctly, you’ll be having a blast with everyone around you. Not only that, but you’ll feel a deep connection and understanding with the people and environment surrounding you.

Best  Blue Meanie magic Mushroom Spores Shop near me. 

To have the best recreational experience possible, you’ll want to make sure to take your Blue Meanie shrooms safely. By safe, we mean don’t drive anywhere after taking the shrooms, and don’t put yourself into any dangerous situations.

Always be prepared for your entire trip, which can last upwards of six hours. Bring enough food, water, and music to keep the good vibes flowing.

Since Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are so potent, they’re the perfect candidate for a spiritual experience. It won’t take much to lift you into the cosmos and far beyond.

Having a spiritual magic mushroom trip can be life-changing and open your mind to new perspectives. However, having a truly mystical mushroom trip is easier said than done.

That’s because a spiritual magic mushroom trip with Blue Meanie requires some preparation. That preparation boils down to a concept called set and setting.

Set and setting are crucial for getting your mind and body to the point of letting go and having the mushrooms take you where they will.

Set is the mindset, and it means that you need to have a clear head. Some people think it’s good to think about what you want from a psychedelic experience.

We think that it’s better to keep your mind empty of any expectations and worries. Remember, responsibilities and concerns can interrupt your trip, so make sure your schedule is clear, and everything is taken care of beforehand.

Buy magic mushrooms online Perth.

Next is the setting—or the place you’ll trip at. Most people opt for their homes, but as long as it’s a comfortable and familiar place, then it should be fine.

Also, part of the setting is people. It’s recommended that you have as few people around as possible.

However, you will want at least one person around to act as a trip sitter—a sober person who can watch you while you trip, just in case.

As long as you’ve taken care of every detail, you’ll be ready to let your mind wander the furthest reaches of consciousness.

As we mentioned, Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are much more potent than your average P. cubensis mushroom. That means that you need to be very careful when dosing them, especially if you’re a beginner.

If you’ve never dosed before, then here’s a handy guide:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose (spiritual dose)

Remember, this is a general guide, and Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are much stronger than what this chart is based on. So always remember to start low and go slow.

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms aren’t mean at all, and in fact, they may be some of the nicest shrooms we’ve ever tried. That’s why Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are always available for purchase for those of legal age in Canada.


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22 reviews for Buy Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores

  1. kelly

    Superfast delivery

  2. king

    Amazing taste ,nice east going buzz would highly recommend too any user !

  3. Remy

    These are a great for a mild hallucination.

  4. queen

    First of all, thanks for a great service, website has been easy to use, and order went through without any issues.

    I took about 1.7grams to test these out, they are a very friendly mushroom, i landed on a pretty nice level 2 experience, good body buzz, soft visuals, music sounded great, clouds and sunset were awesome! lights and water reflections were sweet, a very happy experience, happy to recommend, will probably go for 2-2.5g on my next B+, which i anticipate should be a strong level2 dipping into level3 for me. If you’re taking mushrooms for the first time, this would be a good one to go with

  5. Williams

    I just received my 1 oz of blue meanie. Delivered to my door with a chocolate treat added.I trust this company 100%..Satisfied 1st buy customer.
    Colorado is a great state

  6. Eugene

    Can you get Penis Envy’s? these were still awesome but looking to try new strains!

  7. Rooney

    Good visuals.

  8. Gislen

    Thanks boys! Will def be ordering again.

  9. martinez

    Me and my bro were just gonna have a beer and I pulled these bad boys out. Started with 1g each and couldn’t believe it. 4 hours and 2grams later we came back from twap land. Haven’t laughed like that in a while. Thanks psilocin dispensary, those were the finest blue meanies shrooms in all of the lands!

  10. james

    Excellent service, fast shipping. Got more than what i paid. First time user of dried (i had tried truffles before few times) took about 1.78 Gs two different times. A bit of visuals there. Music was great. High lasted 6-8 hrs. It’s rather mild and chill which is nice for beginners. Def recommend. Thanks

  11. NOAH

    Ours Favorite. Powerful Stuff

  12. Theodor

    Lovely, mellow trip. Vibrant colors, great body feel easy come down.

  13. Smith

    Was very skeptical going in but blown away with the quality of product. Tastey, with beautiful colouring and a good count of caps. Can’t wait to buy more.

  14. yung

    Incredible! Not for Beginners

  15. Williams

    Intensive relaxes body high and not much visuals

  16. great

    They weren’t bad but they just wouldn’t stop it was almost like I was on lcd but then again I took 4 grams. If you want a strain with no waves this is the strain for you.

  17. linus

    Buckle up if you plan on taking 2 or more grams. What an insightful and mind opening adventure. As these come from my mother’s place of birth, it was an extra special experience!

  18. Anord

    I haven’t done shrooms for about 15 yrs, so I thought I would get some “lower grade” shrooms for a party of the old boys getting together. we just did what we used to..took about 2 grams each, chewed them up and buzzed for about 6 hrs…spacey, laughy and hilarious…is what I can say. But it does feel a little less intense than I remember….good shrooms!!!

  19. Emmanuel

    Had a few stems that had some strange black coloring to them, but over all good quality, and fast shipping 🙂

  20. frank

    First time ordering on this site and I’m not disappointed. Have yet to try them but shipping was fast and discreet, I weighed the packet and got 12g instead of 10! Will definitely buy again!

  21. emmy

    This was a great trip! Delivery was faster than expected!

  22. Vie

    Have yet to try them, but they look and smell great. Weight came close to 8 grams even though I ordered 3.5! I am grateful because the last time I ordered shrooms from a different site I got scammed.

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